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Dinh P, Medical Doctor


Integrative Healthcare of South Florida 

To whom it may concern:

I have known Klaudia Gega for at least 4 years. I first met her when she was working with my prior medical doctor office, where she was helping them with all their accounting management. I did not realize how much of a godsend she was until I became an independent medical practice doctor and private practice on my own.  The complicate nature of the insurance world, accounting, tax laws, payrolls and filing was so overwhelming. Felt overwhelmed and confused.  Once I brought her company on to help organize and supervise what was needed. She helped my practice run so efficiently and comply with all required tax laws, codes and insurance requirements and navigate the crazy insurance applications. I finally was able to do what I do best; practice the practice of medicine and not be bothered by the craziness that hounds medical doctors. I thank Klaudia and her company so much, for the knowledge, professionalism and skill set.  She has been a godsend for me.

Sincerely yours,

Dinh P M.D

Rosemary B, General Dentist

I have been working with Klaudia for the past three years and she has done so much more than just accounting for my company. She ran HR, did all the credentialing, acted as an office manager, and much more. She was always punctual being on time to work and staying till her job was done. She is incredibly honest , and detail oriented.

I can say that all bankers, attorneys and accountants that I have worked with found her quite exemplary. She is available 24/7 and even on vacation she makes herself available. It is hard to find people like this today and she is a tremendous asset to any company or individual she works with. She is one person that can do the job of five people, super cost efficient to utilize her services. You can't imagine the brain power you will be getting.

Rosemary B

Jennifer, P

"My husband and I were and looking for accounting services to file our taxes this year after mediocre experiences over the last few years. We are so happy we decided to use K Accounting, LLC. We filed electronically due to being out-of-state and the whole process was so convenient and easy. We had peace of mind knowing our information was protected. Communicating with Klaudia was so easy. She is prompt in her responses, thorough in explaining everything, and in answering our questions. We highly recommend K Accounting, LLC and will be definitely working with Klaudia in the future for all our accounting needs! "

Jennifer P.


Sandra, M

"I’m very happy with the service Klaudia provided. She did a terrific job in a professional and timely manner. "

Sandra M

Justin C, Financial Advisor

I have tax implications in multiple countries.I work for a major corporation and also have my own business...Klaudia was able to assist with all my taxes, in a professional and efficient manor. Very impressed and highly recommend her services

Casa Bar, Restaurant

Casa Bar

Klaudia is a true professional. We had turnover in our accounting department and we were lost when it came to year-end tax filings, payments and bookkeeping. Klaudia came through and helped us seamlessly close out year-end taxes in QuickBooks, file 1099s, prepare W2s and more. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance in their business. She is very friendly, on-time and knowledgeable

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