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An ITIN will serve as your identification number for filing your taxes. With certified tax professionals and Certified Acceptance Agents (CAAs) nationwide, our offices are well-equipped to guide you through the ITIN number application or ITIN renewal process.

Why do I need an ITIN?
Let’s say you’re working and earning money in the United States, but you don't qualify for a Social Security Number. An ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, type of Tax ID or Taxpayer ID) will serve as your identification number for filing your tax returns. If you do not qualify for an SSN, you will need to apply for an ITIN.

Here's what else your ITIN does:
It allows you to get a refund of income tax withholding from the IRS, if you qualify.
It allows you to file your taxes and claim tax benefits for the qualifying dependents.
It may allow you to open a bank account or apply for a mortgage loan.
So your ITIN tax ID not only helps you file a tax return, it ensures you get the refund you deserve as quickly as possible.

How to Get an ITIN number  - Required Documents
To begin the ITIN application process, you will need:
A complete IRS Form W-7
A U.S. federal income tax return
Your Passport or TWO (2) of the following documents: (including at least one proving identification with photo and one proving foreign status from your country):
National Identification Document (this must be current, and include your name, photo, address, date of birth, and expiration date)
U.S. driver's license
Foreign driver's license
Birth Certificate (required for a dependent unless a passport is being submitted and the passport has a date of entry into the U.S.)
U.S. State I.D.
Foreign Voter's Registration card
Visa issued by the U.S. Department of State
U.S Military ID card
Foreign Military ID card
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services photo I.D.
Medical (for dependents under age 6 only)
School records (for dependents who are students under age 18 only)
You can fill out an application form for an ITIN for you, your spouse, and your dependents when you prepare your tax return with us.

Virtual CFO Services

Our Virtual CFO Service may be a perfect fit for you if:

  • you're a growing service-based business that now needs professional financial advice but can't yet afford a full-time CFO or controller.

  • you're an existing business that's looking to replace an existing CFO and don't need an on-site CFO on a daily basis.

We offer three different service levels, each with additional a-la-carte services that can be added on, so you only pay for exactly what you want and need.

Level 1: Virtual CFO (full-service)

Our Virtual CFO service partners you up with a remote team of Accountants, CPA, and a Tax Partner who work with you to help guide your business to success. There is a lot of redundancy so nothing ever stops (even when someone is sick or takes a vacation).

You’ll have one distinct point of contact, a project manager of sorts, which will enhance efficiencies such as time, money, and management. If you’re a growing service-based business that now needs professional financial advice, but can't afford a full-time CFO or controller, our Virtual CFO Services are a perfect fit. 

How much does a full-service Virtual CFO cost? 

The cost of hiring a full-time CFO can range from $175,000 to $480,000 per year plus vacations, bonuses and other benefits. Our Virtual CFO services provide you with the experienced strategic support you need, at an affordable fixed cost. Our average Virtual CFO package costs starts from $250 per week. For a breakdown of our Virtual CFO pricing options, visit our pricing page.

What do Virtual CFO services include?

Service includes: bank relationships, weekly meetings, forecasting, company-wide KPIs, and much more.....

Starting From:


Bookkeeping Servcies

We provide quality and detailed bookkeeping services to small to medium size businesses.  As a bookkeeper & accountant, we emphasized on detailed and well organized monthly bookkeeping. Well-organized financial records and  proper bookkeeping ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis. Quality bookkeeping is the foundation of a successful business. 

  • Monthly and Quarterly Bookkeeping

  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

  • Annual & Quarterly Payroll Reports

  • Monthly/Biweekly Payroll 

  • Account Receivables & Payables

  • Cleanup Your Books

  • Depreciation Schedule

  • Fixed Assets Report

  • Income Statement 

  • Balance Sheet

  • General Ledger

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Payroll Services

Payroll Tax Returns
The Federal, State and sometimes Local governments require (typically) quarterly filing of returns reporting the gross payroll, withholding, etc and sometimes require payment with the return. The typical returns we prepare are:

Sales Tax
Many businesses who sell goods are required to collect sales tax for state and local governments.  The tax rates vary largely from one municipality to another and can change at the beginning or in the middle of the year. In some cases, the amount of taxable sales must be separated from non-taxable sales. We can provide many services related to sales tax collection including:

  • 941 – Federal Quarterly Payroll Tax Return

  • 940 – Federal Annual Unemployment Tax Return

    • Determination of what is or is not taxable and who must collect sales tax

    • Analysis of sales receipts for amount of taxable sales

    • Preparation of all state, county and local sales tax returns

Starting From:


Tax Returns

We stay up-to-date on all the regulatory and legislative developments so you don’t waste time and energy trying to make sense of all the accounting complexities. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

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Loan Application

 "Loan Package"

  • Assemble complete financing package

  • -Interview/shop appropriate financing sources/financial institutions

  • Review proposals/commitments for most appropriate fit


 "The Close"

  • Coordinate pre-closing requirements  appraisal,

  • environmental site assessment

  • Manage SBA process and paperwork

  • Liaise with attorneys and bankers re:conditions for loan closing


Bank Consulting

  • Review current banking relationship, terms and conditions, loan documents

  • Make recommendations on debt restructure

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Provider Enrollment

Before a provider or organization can bill an insurance carrier, the provider must first be credentialed by the carrier. Credentialing is the process by which a health insurance carrier formally assesses a provider’s qualifications, and competency based on demonstrated competence. This can be a time-consuming process, and often takes up to six months to complete. The reason for the lengthy process is the requirement for submission of extensive background information. Depending on the circumstances, the clinic or organization for which the provider is working may also need to go through credentialing. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

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E-Notary Services

A notary's signature is required on many legal documents, and can be a wise precaution even when notarization is not mandated. Sooner or later everyone will need a notary, whether to finalize a sales transaction like a loan, entering into an escrow agreement, or when completing a binding legal business agreement, and it can be stressful to find one on short notice. Many banks, for instance, have notaries on staff, but do not attempt to have an available signing agent at all times. And even then, some have policies that restrict in-house notary public against notarizing any documents other than their own.

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